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By Hagi Kenaan

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Is philosophy deaf to the sound of the private voice? whereas philosophy is skilled at admiring, resenting, celebrating, and, every now and then, renouncing language, philosophers have hardly ever succeeded in being intimate with it. Hagi Kenaan argues that philosophy's trouble with summary types of linguistic which means and the target, propositional nature of language has obscured the singular human voice. during this strikingly unique paintings Kenaan explores the moral and philosophical implications of spotting and responding to the person presence in language.In pursuing the philosophical probability of hearing language because the embodiment of the human voice, Kenaan explores the phenomenological suggestion of the "personal." He defines the non-public because the irresolvable rigidity that exists among the general public personality of language, priceless for intelligibility, and the ways that we, as contributors, stay riveted to our phrases in a contingently singular demeanour. the current own fuses phenomenology and aesthetics and the traditions of Continental and Anglo-American philosophy, drawing on Wittgenstein, J. L. Austin, Kant, Kierkegaard, and Heidegger in addition to literary works through Kafka, Kundera, and others. by way of asking new questions and charting clean terrain, Kenaan does greater than supply cutting edge investigations into the philosophy of language; the current own, and its hindrance with the intimate and private nature of language, uncovers the moral intensity of our adventure with language.Kenaan starts off with a dialogue of Kierkegaard's existential critique of language and the ways that the propositional constitution of language doesn't let the spoken to mirror the singularity of the self. He then compares makes an attempt to subvert the "hegemony of content": the pragmatic flip of J. L. Austin and the poetic direction of Heidegger. Kenaan concludes by means of turning to Kant and gaining knowledge of an analogy among the event of that means in language and the classy adventure of encountering attractiveness. Kenaan's reconceptualization of philosophy's method of language frees the contingent singularity of language whereas, even as, allowing it to proceed to live in the confines of content material.

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Unlike clear assertorial cognitive positions, the meaningfulness of pictures is typically manifested in a nonthematic fashion. , we can understand the meaning of a statement, or entertain a thought in the Fregean sense, independently of our position in regard to it), the meaning of pictures is never free of an affective dimension. 2 The picture constrains us. ” But do we at all know what and where the picture’s outside is and what it would mean to get there? Does the term outside have any meaning for the prisoners in Plato’s cave?

So, to conclude this chapter, what is it exactly that the propositional hides from us? Since propositional language can state anything whatsoever, we may say that, in an obvious sense, it hides nothing from us. The LANGUAGE AND THE BELL JAR 39 form of propositions is the unbounded frame of a window through which everything, in principle, can become part of our view: the sky and the moon and the sea; the cities, the streets, the houses, the people, deeds, emotions, etc. Nothing whatsoever escapes the view that the propositional window opens for us.

But not every sentence is a statementmaking sentence, but only those in which there is truth and falsity. There is not truth and falsity in all sentences: a prayer is a sentence but is neither true or false. ”8 Language becomes, as such, the object of a philosophical discourse—part of a philosophical agenda—in which the question of meaning is essentially tied to the question of knowledge and truth. Much of the traditional philosophy of language, consequently, approaches the question of linguistic meaning exclusively in terms of the truth conditions of the sentences of a language.

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