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By Luca Cosentino

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ISBN-13: 9782710807971

Contents: 1. Integration matters: what's integration? platforms pondering. a transformation of concentration. Integrating the knowledge. Accuracy vs. precision. Complexity vs. accuracy. different integration matters. The function of the undertaking supervisor. 2. The built-in database: Definitions. the matter of the built-in database. the 3 degrees of E&P databases. The undertaking database. undertaking database administration. software program integration. three. built-in geological version: The structural version. The stratigraphic version. The lithological version. Reservoir heterogeneity. four. Rock houses: Petrophysical overview. Rock homes distribution. five. Hydrocarbon in position decision: Volumetric estimates. fabric stability estimates. 6. easy reservoir engineering: Reservoir average force mechanisms. Fluid houses. Rock-fluid homes. strain research. Reservoir fluids distribution and tracking. fabric stability. Streamlines simulation. 7. Numerical reservoir simulation: whilst to run a simulation version? Why run a simulation version? Designing the simulation version. development the simulation grid. Assigning the enter parameters. background matching. creation forecasts. Uncertainty evaluation. eight. making plans a examine: making plans vs. integration. Estimation of person paintings levels. Sequential making plans. built-in making plans. Conclusions. References. Appendix. Index.

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Luca Cosentino's Integrated Reservoir Studies (Collection Reperes) PDF

Contents: 1. Integration concerns: what's integration? platforms considering. a metamorphosis of concentration. Integrating the data. Accuracy vs. precision. Complexity vs. accuracy. different integration concerns. The function of the undertaking supervisor. 2. The built-in database: Definitions. the matter of the built-in database.

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As a matter of fact, leriding edge technologies are kequently applied in domains which have a second-order effect on reservoir performance, while most reicvant resewoir characteristics are given less or little attention. 6 Relative permeability curves for resen-nir characterization 1141. : E applied to fields where resenioir compartlllentalisation is the main driving parameter in resas could be the case for many pre-cretaceous reservoirs in tlle Nortli ervoir perfor~l~ance, Sea. I11 such cases, when the objective of the Reservoir Study is to define the (re)develop~nentplan of the field, it is obviorls that the structural model of the reservoir is far more important than the lithological mdfor petrophysical descriptions, since the number of wells to be drilled (and consequently3tte capital cost of the project) basically depends upon the connectivity of the reservoir.

Tc~r' GroIogieiil A-Iodel i 7- L" af EIIC r e s e ~ o i r in , particular to the structural top map, while the irltenlal framework is considered related to the stratigr-apfiic 11lode1of the reservoir and will be discussed in detail 1x1 paragraph 3- 2 . 1 Stnicturaf top 111ap of a 150 metres ~vellspacing resewair. i i - In the majority of cases, thr stnictural top map of the resen'oir is defined on the basis of post-stack 2D or 3D seismic &a. Tile interpreter picks significant time harizons in a time seismic block and generates 3 set of (x, jJ,t ) data which represents the two-way travel time to the picked horizon.

R'e refer the reader to tile speciaiised literature for more infornlarior-t,about the issue. 111 some cases, sei5,mic data are not available or their qual~tyis too ION? eJs and induce ~ ~ o i sine rhe recorded clata. ef. in deeper zones. In these cases, the st~xcttlralti313 map of the resen-oir h;rs to bt: based. :pletely, on , ~ ~ edata. tion is lacking, the psobfern being empliasised of course \t-hen fa\- xvells aye available. as is the case in newly discovered fields. ismic infol-ination gh-es iink advantage (if any) to the interpretation.

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