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Computing device generated contents be aware: 1.Nomenclature of ECG Deflections --
The Electrocardiogram --
The Electrophysiology --
The Deflections --
The periods --
The Segments --
2.Electrocardiographic Leads --
The Electrocardiographic Leads --
The Limb Leads --
The Chest Leads --
The Lead Orientation --
The Einthoven Triangle --
3.ECG Grid and common Values --
The ECG Grid --
The basic ECG Values --
4.Determination of electric Axis --
The electric Axis --
The Hexaxial process --
The QRS Axis --
Determination of QRS Axis --
Abnormalities of QRS Axis --
5.Determination of the center cost --
The middle price --
The middle Rhythm --
6.Abnormalities of the P Wave --
Normal P Wave --
Absent P Wave --
Inverted P Wave --
Changing P Wave Morphology --
Tall P Wave --
Broad P Wave --
7.Abnormalities of QRS advanced --
Normal QRS complicated --
Low-Voltage QRS complicated --
Alternating QRS Voltage --
Abnormal QRS Axis --
Fascicular Block or Hemiblock --
Non-Progression of R Wave --
Abnormal Q Waves

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Examples of regularly irregular rhythms are:  Premature beats during any rhythm  Regular pauses during any rhythm  Beats in pairs; bigeminal rhythm. Fibrillation is the prototype of an irregularly irregular rhythm. Fibrillation is characterized by the functional fragmentation of the atrial or ventricular myocardium into numerous tissue islets in various stages of excitation and recovery (Fig. 5). Myocardial depolarization is thus chaotic and ineffectual in pumping. In atrial fibrillation, the discrete P waves of sinus rhythm are replaced by numerous, small irregularly occurring fibrillatory Fig.

Normally, the P wave has a single peak without a gap or notch between the right and left atrial components. 25 mV) in height. 10 sec) in width (Fig. 2B). 26 ECG Made Easy Normal QRS Complex The QRS complex is the major positive deflection on the ECG produced by ventricular depolarization. In fact, it represents the timing and sequence of synchronized depolarization of the right and left ventricles. The Q wave is not visible in all ECG leads. Physiological Q waves may be observed in leads LI, aVL, V5 and V6 where they represent initial activation of the interventricular septum in a direction opposite to the direction of activation of the main left ventricular mass.

A sinus rhythm at this rate is called normal sinus rhythm. Besides the SA node, there are other potential pacemakers in the heart such as in the atria, atrioventricular junction and the ventricles. They are known as ectopic or subsidiary pacemakers. The subsidiary pacemakers can discharge at a slower rate than the SA node. For instance, an atrial or junctional pacemaker can fire 40 to 60 impulses per minute while a ventricular pacemaker can fire 20 to 40 impulses per minute. It is for this reason that the SA node governs the cardiac rhythm by silencing these subsidiary pacemakers.

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