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Astrophysics), had to leave “unexplained,” two from Gemini 4, and one from Gemini 7. On 3 June 1965, Ed White and James McDivitt set out for four days and 64 orbits aboard Gemini 4. On orbit three, Ed White spent 21 minutes performing the first American extra-vehicular activities (EVA) or space walk. On 4 June at 3:00 Central Standard Time (CST), somewhere over the Pacific, James McDivitt spotted a cylindrical-shaped object with an antenna-like extension that appeared white or silvery against the day sky.

It seems inconceivable that an anomalous propagation echo would behave in the manner described, particularly with respect to the reported altitude changes, even if AP had been likely at the time. In view of the meteorological situation, it would seem that AP was rather unlikely. ”214 Dr. 215 McMinville, Oregon: 1950 On 11 May 1950 at 7:45PM on their farm 10 miles southwest of McMinnville, Oregon, Paul and Evelyn Trent captured what may still be the best known and most studied photographic images of a UFO in the world.

236 He was also aware of an obnoxious odour that seemed to come from his own breath, and that was later noted by his wife and son as a sulphur-ozone, electricburning-motor stench exuding from his body. Upon returning to Winnipeg, he had his son take him to the Misericordia Hospital. The burns to his chest and singeing to his forehead turned out to be relatively superficial. He reported extreme, albeit, unverified weight loss across the following week, a 5% increase in his lymphocyte count, though that was within normal variations, and a rash that developed 11 days after the sighting, though that could have been explained as the outcome of insect bites suffered during an unsuccessful ground and air search for the landing site that he had participated in with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) the day that the rash appeared.

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