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By Jack Bilmes (auth.)

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To say that it would cost over 3,000 baht would have been to implicitly acknowledge that it would not cost less than 3,000 baht. In explanations of choice, there may be an interaction between the requirements for maximization and for logic. " Let us hear this statement (and I think 41 once asked a Thai monk whether it was morally acceptable for a man to enter the monkhood even if he knew that it would cause his family much unhappiness. He said yes-the Buddha himself had deserted his family to seek enlightenment-but when 1 pressed him further, he found his own explanation unsatisfactory.

CHAFfER 2 EVERYDAY EXPLANATION The Standard Theory as Common Sense I endowed thy purposes with words that made them known. Shakespeare, The Tempest EXPLANATION AS A SPEECH ACT Pettit's discussion (1978) of "rational man theory" is based on two assumptions: "I assume (1) that the theory of the human agent generally supposed in commonsense explanation depicts man as rational, and (2) that such a theory is that which social-science explanation of action ought also to suppose" (p. 43). The second assumption is fully discussed in the following chapters.

One does not ordinarily choose to cry. Crying is uncontrolled and impulsive. " Such behavior is to be explained in terms of prior causes rather than intentions. We are primarily interested here in behavior that is seen as at least potentially under the conscious control of the actor. Perceptual Implausibility. This occurs when a speaker, explicitly or by implication, claims to have failed to see an obvious and relevant outcome or course of action, or when he claims to have failed to appreciate the obvious relevance of a known outcome.

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