Democratic Orators from JFK to Barack Obama by Andrew S. Crines, David S. Moon, Robert Lehrman, Philip PDF

By Andrew S. Crines, David S. Moon, Robert Lehrman, Philip Thody

ISBN-10: 1137509031

ISBN-13: 9781137509031

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This publication examines the oratorical and rhetorical sorts of best determine in Democratic social gathering politics because the Sixties. It unearths how major orators strove to attach their message with quite a few audiences from the Senate to the media.

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For JFK and his writer, that meant using a structure described in the 1930s by rhetoric professor Alan Monroe, and similar to what others call the jeremiad, meaning the structure of the biblical Book of Jeremiah. Monroe did not invent this structure: one sees it in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Jonathan Edwards’s Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, and in Moses’ mythical speech to the Israelites before they cross the River Jordan. For the purposes of quantitative analysis, Monroe codified it (Lehrman, 2009: 55–61).

Sorensen remembers himself exclaiming (Sorensen, 2008: 163). Sorensen did not simply dream up lines for his boss to mouth. He and his aides provided the prodigiously time-consuming research, thought, and language JFK had neither the time nor the skill to provide. 30 The Oratory of John F. Kennedy In addition to the oratorical skills JFK developed, in addition to the skills with language Sorensen had, was the very idea of searching for an aide with such gifts. This was not true with Roosevelt, Truman or Eisenhower.

However, the original promise remained valid and by uniting behind the vision offered by Johnson the covenant would be renewed. This rhetorical strategy was successful, belying the image of Johnson as 32 Andrew Taylor 33 a poor communicator, but it was vulnerable to both the passage of time (kairos) and its own success. The Jeremiad The jeremiad was a public exhortation characteristic of New England Puritanism and has been described as the first distinctive American literary and rhetorical form (Miller, 1953: 19–39; 1956: 1–15).

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Democratic Orators from JFK to Barack Obama by Andrew S. Crines, David S. Moon, Robert Lehrman, Philip Thody

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