Deathstalker Prelude 03 - Hellworld by Simon R. Green PDF

By Simon R. Green

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Rank hath its privileges. Hunter smiled briefly, and shifted the heavy bandolier into a more comfortable position. How the mighty are fallen . . Still, he'd always intended to be first man out on the new planet he'd come a long way to see his new home, and it was a moment he didn't intend to share with anyone else. He nodded briefly to the Investigator, then turned round to face the airlock door. Krystel leaned over the control panels. The heavy metal door hissed open. Hunter stepped carefully into the airlock, and the door closed firmly behind him.

It wasn't at all what he was used to. His surgery had been known throughout the Empire said by many to be the greatest since the fabled laboratories of lost Haden itself. All gone now, of course. Destroyed by Williams so that its secrets couldn't be used against him. After the rebellion of the cyborg Hadenmen, the Empire had banned most forms of human augmentation. But there were always those willing to pay highly for forbidden delights. Most of the banned devices had been fairly harmless anyway, as long as they were used sensibly, with restraint.

The probes didn't show much in the way of detail, but trees were usually a good sign for a colonist. You could do a lot with wood. Hunter smiled for the first time as the probes' memories moved on to show him large areas of open grassland in the south, but even so, he kept a firm grip on his enthusiasm. First rule of the Hell Squads: never take anything for granted. On an alien world, nothing is necessarily what it seems. All right, from a distance it looked like ordinary, everyday grass: the colour was a bit vile, but you can't have everything.

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