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It'll all end in tears—" He would have said more, but navigation chimed discreetly, alerting him that the Sunstrider II was coming in for a touch down. Owen and Hazel studied the short- and long-range sensor displays carefully, but the ship landed without incident. Oz made them wait while he ran through his landing checklist. "Air quality, tolerable. Cold for the time of year, but within acceptable limits. No life signs. All right, it's now officially safe to disembark. For old times' sake, I've put down at the exact spot where Hazel first encountered you, Owen.

Thank God. " "I know," said Owen. " "Don't worry about it," said Hazel. " Owen raised an eyebrow. " Hazel smiled. " Owen's mouth twitched. " And then he frowned again. "Oh, hell, Owen, now what? " "I was just thinking about Finlay Campbell. " "We've been through this, Owen. The man is obsessed. He's sworn a vendetta against Valentine. Sworn to kill the man, on his blood and on his honor. If we're to keep our options open down there, we can't afford to have the Campbell anywhere near us. He's always been… erratic.

People change," said Hazel. "Whether they want to or not. " Owen looked at her. " "Don't you patronize me, Deathstalker. I have a mind. I have read the occasional book in my time. When there was nothing else to do. I just meant that even while we're busy changing the universe, it's busy changing us. Look at you; you're not the person you used to be, even a few years ago. Thank God. " "I know," said Owen. " "Don't worry about it," said Hazel. " Owen raised an eyebrow. " Hazel smiled. " Owen's mouth twitched.

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