Simon R. Green's Darkwood 03 (Also known as Forest Kingdom) - Down Among the PDF

By Simon R. Green

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It was as though the fort was watching and waiting to see what he would do, defying him to solve its mystery. He pushed the thought from his mind, sat up straight in the saddle, and raised his voice in a carrying shout. "Hello, the fort! This is Ranger Sergeant Duncan MacNeil! ' There was no response. The only sound to be heard was the low whickering of the horses. ' said Constance. "Not really, no,' said MacNeil patiently, 'but we have to go through the motions. " "No. Not this time. Flint ...

In the past he'd fought footpads and smugglers and Hillsdown spies, and never given a damn for the danger. He was strong and fast and good with a sword, and he'd never once backed down from a fight. Unlike many of his fellow guards he'd always looked forward to going into action; he loved the thrill in his blood and the chance for glory. But that was before he came to defend King's Deep, and found himself facing a ravenous horde of inhuman creatures that came swarming out at the dark in never-ending numbers.

If there was a pattern or reason to it, he couldn't see it yet. He pushed the door gently with the toe of his boot, and it swung smoothly open. MacNeil hefted his sword, and stepped forward into the gloom of the barracks. Light filtered past the closed shutters, and spilled in from the open door. MacNeil stepped quickly in and to one side. A silhouette against an open door made too good a target. He pulled Constance over beside him and they stood together in silence a moment, letting their eyes adjust to the gloom.

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Darkwood 03 (Also known as Forest Kingdom) - Down Among the Dead Men by Simon R. Green

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