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The Hellenistic international, ushered into existance by means of Alexander the nice, took in an unlimited sector, stretching from Iraq within the east to Sicily within the west. inside of this zone, society was once multicultural however the dominant tradition used to be Greek, built from the tradition of classical Greece, and sporting at the legacy of classical Greece within the visible arts, literature, technological know-how, know-how, and day-by-day life.Narrative chapters advisor the reader notwithstanding the great conquered lands of Hellenistic Greece, exploring marriage customs; gala's, activities, and spectacles; symposia (drinking parties); the rural and concrete elements of the polis (city-state); nutrition; drink; schooling; technological know-how; expertise; and the legacy of the Hellenistic age within the sleek international.

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An altar to Olympian Zeus is erected in the Temple, and a statue of Antiochus set up beside it. 166 The devout Jews (the Chasidim), who oppose Hellenization in Judea, rise in rebellion against Antiochus. The so-called Maccabaean Revolt breaks out, led Judas Maccabaeus, whose father, before his death, had struck the first blow. 164 In Jerusalem, Judas Maccabaeus captures the Temple and purifies it, restoring the worship of Yahweh. A thanksgiving festival is held in December, which continues to be commemorated by the festival of Hanukkah.

In same year, too, in Athens, Epicurus opens his philosophic school— the first organized philosophic school to admit women. 305 Seleucus makes peace with Chandragupta and evacuates India. Chandragupta gives him a force of trained war elephants. 305 Cassander becomes king of Macedon. 305–04 Antigonos’s son, Demetrius, besieges Rhodes but fails to take it after a yearlong siege. ” 301 Antigonos the One-Eyed is defeated by a coalition of Lysimachus, Cassander, and Seleucus at the Battle of Ipsos. His son, Demetrius Poliorcetes, flees, and spends the following years trying to restore his fortunes; for a brief period after 294 he is xxxvi Chronology king of Macedon.

307 Demetrius, son of Antigonos the One-Eyed, liberates Athens from Cassander, and is welcomed warmly by the Athenians, who hail him as a god. Cassander’s governor of Athens, Demetrius of Phalerum, flees to Ptolemy of Egypt, where he may have acted as an advisor for the building of the Great Library of Alexandria. 306 Antigonos the One-Eyed assumes the title of king. In the following year, Ptolemy, Lysimachus, and Seleucus all give themselves the title of king. The emblem of kingship, worn by the kings, was the diadem, a headband encrusted with pearls.

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