Cycling into Saigon: The Conservative Transition in Ontario by Graham White, David R. Cameron PDF

By Graham White, David R. Cameron

ISBN-10: 0774808136

ISBN-13: 9780774808132

This paintings examines the new heritage of politics in Ontario to provide a few normal rules for different governments concerned about political transitions. In doing so, it discusses the doubtless fractious courting among incoming governments and the bureaucrats from the previous regime.

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The Premier’s Office was divided in two, with responsibility for policy, planning, and communications assigned to Principal Secretary Hershell Ezrin and responsibility for operations and party liaison assigned to Executive Director Gordon Ashworth. Both reported directly to the premier. Beyond revamping the Cabinet Office-Premier’s Office nexus, the Liberals made few structural changes. They did immediately abolish the three small policy secretariats established early in the Davis era and the ministerial posts associated with them.

Within a few days of the election the public service delivered an extensive set of briefing books that set out the background and substance of current policy. Initially delighted at this display of cooperation, the New Democrats soon concluded that the material lacked sufficient detail and analytic rigour and would therefore have to be redone. For some on the transition team, this was simply a function of the bureaucracy taking time to adjust to the NDP approach; one insider remarked, “From the outset the The 1985 and 1990 Transitions bureaucracy’s attitude was ‘Tell us what you want and we’ll do it,’” adding that there was a good deal of uncertainty as to what the New Democrats were about.

The Transition Advisory Group’s contribution lay not solely in its operational functions; it also carried great public symbolic value. Its ten members were carefully chosen to be representative not only of the province’s regions but also of “the new face of Ontario,” which the Liberals were targeting politically. Included were several women, a black, an Aboriginal, and a South Asian: a striking symbol of the Liberals’ commitment to open the Ontario political process to previously excluded groups and interests.

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Cycling into Saigon: The Conservative Transition in Ontario by Graham White, David R. Cameron

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