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By Philippe Planel, Peter G. Stone

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The developed Past offers staff of strong photographs of the earlier, termed within the booklet development websites. At those websites, complete scale, third-dimensional photographs of the earlier were created for various purposes together with archaeological experimentation, tourism and education.
utilizing a number of case reviews, the individuals frankly speak about the goals, difficulties and errors skilled with reconstruction. They motivate the necessity for on-going experimentation and look at a few of the makes use of of the websites; political, within your means and academic.

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This is our heritage, this is what we value in the environment, this is part of us, this is what we want to share and how we want you to know us’ (King and Clifford 1987). The framework for interpretation is generally a reflection of the professionals’ initial academic training as archaeologist, geographer or historian. While this framework might be appropriate for major national monuments and national collections in museums, this is not necessarily the case for the more commonplace and typical of the local heritage of an area.

4 The Cockley Cley gateway empower local people with control over the representation of their cultural identity (Hudson 1992). Within archaeological interpretation this approach has also been adopted for the presentation of sites and landscapes over the last five to ten years. The community development approach aims to create or enhance a sense of place for individuals and to establish what is significant and valued in the environment or heritage of a community. Common Ground, the environmental pressure group, have been particularly active in promoting this approach (Kihg and Clifford 1987).

Every fiftieth brick bears the stamp ‘restored in the era of Sadaam’, in imitation of Nebuchadnessar, who stamped bricks with his own name during his restoration of Babylon in 600 BC (Wood 1991). Sadaam fabricated these highly emotive symbols of the past to imply the re-emergence of the old Mesopotamia as a world force. TOURISM DEVELOPMENT Archaeological sites also have an economic value as venues for cultural tourism. This generates the attendant problem of the erosion of the resource. One response to the impact of tourism has been the creation of replica attractions in the vicinity of the original site.

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