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By Houben H., Boubekeur S.

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Morocco is likely one of the such a lot interesting lands on the planet from the perspective of its geological constitution and evolution. Our wisdom at the geology of the rustic has been vastly more advantageous over the last many years, according to quite a few seismic profiles and boreholes, seismological research of focal mechanisms, seismic tomography, gravimetric/geodetic modelling and, however, in line with an incredible nationwide application of Geological Mapping together with sleek geochemical analyses (trace components) and trustworthy isotopic datings (39Ar-40Ar, U-Pb zircon, Sm-Nd, etc).

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2010) have shown that, on a global scale, the sensitivity of CCN to changes in DMS is too low for future changes in DMS to be climatically relevant. 8 ◦ and 31 hybrid σ - p levels extending from the surface to 10 hPa in the vertical. Below about 100 hPa, the vertical σ levels are purely terrainfollowing whereas above ∼100 hPa they are pure pressure levels. The model is driven by meteorological fields specified from European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) analyses at 6-h intervals.

J Geophys Res 113:D14S19 Gauci V, Blake S, Stevenson DS, Highwood EJ (2008) Halving of the northern wetland CH4 source by a large Icelandic volcanic eruption. J Geophys Res 113:G00A11 Gerlach T, Westrich H, Symonds R (1996) Pre-eruption vapor in Magma of the climatic Mount Pinatubo eruption: source of the giant stratospheric Sulfur Dioxide cloud. In: Newhall C, Punongbayan R (eds) Fire and mud: eruptions and lahars of Mount Pinatubo, Philippines, 1126, Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, Quezon City and University of Washington Press, Seattle Graf HF (1992) Arctic radiation deficit and climate variability.

1999). Overall, the differences in temperature anomalies reported in the studies mentioned above imply that the surface temperature response following Laki was spatially not uniform. Thus, it might not be straightforward to use historical records of surface temperature changes for evaluating hemispheric mean surface temperature 18 1 Motivation and Background changes simulated by means of numerical models. Recently, D’Arrigo et al. (2011) attributed the anomalously cold 1783/4 winter to natural variability (rather than Laki) namely to the occurrence of a negative North Atlantic Oscillation combined with an El Niño event in the Pacific (which is a similar meteorological situation to that during the winter of 2009/10).

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