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A compact political heritage of early Colorado-Colorado and the Union -Local executive in Colorado-Elections.....

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While Colorado remained a territory, the federal government paid the expenses of government. S. senator from the new state produced votes against statehood. Colorado remained a territory for slightly more than another decade, due in part to a complex political tangle that involved the competing ambitions of Colorado politicians, as well as President Andrew Johnson's doubts about whether Colorado's delegates to Congress would, if the state were admitted, support him. In fact, Johnson vetoed admission of Colorado to the Union three times during the 1860s.

During this trip, Coronado unwittingly exposed the Indians to an animal they had never seen before, the horse, an important act that would change the plains Indians' way of life. In 1609, Juan de Oñate planted a colony that became the city of Santa Fe. For the next 200 years, Santa Fe was the northernmost outpost of the Spanish empire; there was apparently little interest in what lay beyond. It is true that some Indians whom the good people of Santa Fe had enslaved and converted to Christianity grew tired of being slaves and Christians and ran away to the north.

Congress had, in fact, specifically voted against a separate territorial government for the Pikes Peak region. Settlers in the region set up their government anyway and proceeded to pass laws and elect officers as though all were perfectly proper, despite the fact that the area was actually already subject to existing territorial government properly set up by Congress. In fact, four legal governments had jurisdiction over what is now Colorado: Kansas, Utah, Nebraska, and New Mexico. Denver was in the Kansas Territory and Boulder was part of the Nebraska Territory, and their territorial governments were seated hundreds of miles away.

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