Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan: Insight - download pdf or read online

By Frederick E.; Doran, Robert M.; Lonergan, Bernard J. F.; Lonergan Researc Crowe

ISBN-10: 0802034551

ISBN-13: 9780802034557

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The illustrations offered in the first five chapters do not lie within the orbit of his interests. Intelligence and reasonableness are marks common to all instances of Homo sapiens. But my initial concentration on mathematics and natural science seems unduly to narrow the effective range of the invitation that I issue to an appropriation of one's own rational self-consciousness. Perhaps an explanation of the motives that guided my decision in this matter will serve not only to explain my procedure but also to enable each reader to estimate for himself the measure in which the earlier chapters have to be understood if he is to be in a position to profit from the book as a whole.

The first part deals with the question, What is happening when we are knowing? The second part moves to the question/ What is known when that is happening? ] 2 [Thomas Aquinas, Summa theologiae, 1-2, q. 3, a. ] 3 [Joseph Marechal, Le point de depart de la metaphysique, 5 vols. ] The Robert Mollot Collection 17 Introduction part could be reduced to sets of definitions and clarifications, for from a logical viewpoint the first judgment that occurs in the whole work is the judgment of self-affirmation in the eleventh chapter.

One can imagine an extremely fine thread. But no matter how fine a thread may be, still it has breadth and depth as well as length. Remove from the image all breadth and depth, and there vanishes all length as well. 2 Concepts [8] The second observation is that points and lines are concepts. Just as imagination is the playground of our desires and our fears, so conception is the playground of our intelligence. Just as imagination can create objects never seen or heard or felt, so too conception can create objects that cannot even be imagined.

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Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan: Insight by Frederick E.; Doran, Robert M.; Lonergan, Bernard J. F.; Lonergan Researc Crowe

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