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By Daniel C. Maguire

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Argues that Christianity doesn't require its supernatural aspects.

Christianity with no an all-powerful god, with out a divine savior, with no an afterlife? during this daring and hopeful ebook, theologian Daniel C. Maguire writes that conventional, supernatural features of Christianity will be comforting, yet are more and more questionable. A century of scholarly study has now not been supportive of the dogmatic triad of non-public god, incarnate savior, and existence after loss of life. Demonstrating that those ideals have questionable roots in historic traditions, Maguire argues for a go back to that superb and progressive ethical epic of the Hebrew and Christian Bible. Rescued from god, Christianity can supply a practical international ethic to heal a planet sinking below the results of our ungrateful mismanagement.

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Creation was botched. 6 The Beginning That Wasn’t 47 In all god stories, the gods are a mixed bag and we are made in their image. In studying about gods, we are getting into the poetry of other peoples in other times, people who also put their minds to the conundrums of human life. Gods are the poetic art of a community. Primitive communities often grasped aspects of reality better than later literate sophisticates. It is arrogant and dumb to bypass their poetic efforts. Back to the Nonbeginning Those who see natural selection at work also run into mysteries as well as the cruelties and anomalies of nature.

So the Egyptian religion had Osiris and Serapis. When Greek imperialists sought some unity with their Egyptian subjects in a bit of tactical ecumenism, they fused Osiris with the Greek god Apis, calling the hybrid Oserapis, and eventually simply Serapis. The Babylonian god Marduk also illustrates the hybrid nature of the gods. ”17 Marduk simply assumed all the roles that the other gods had as specialties, everything from rainmaking to accounting. No god, including Yahweh, escaped this syncretistic identity-formation process.

The influential Augustine bore a lot of guilt—not all—for this sick vision of reality. The collective guilt narrative was this: Adam and Eve sinned, preferring the Devil’s counsel to God’s. As a result of this primeval sin, the entire human race became a massa perditionis, a damned mass of people all sharing in the guilt of their original ancestors. We were thus born guilty and deserving of the ultimate punishment. ”18 Some lucky people could be saved, but that was by the unmerited mercy of their god.

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