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By Neal Robinson

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The best way Jesus is portrayed within the Qur'an is every now and then ambiguous and has given upward push to a bewildering number of conflicting interpretations. Neal Robinson first outlines some of the Christian methods to the topic after which explains the foundations of Muslim exegesis earlier than taking a look intimately at what 5 classical Sunni commentaries say approximately Jesus' go back, the crucifixion, the miracles and the virginal belief. additional chapters study an identical key themes from the perspective of Shi'ite and Sufi exegesis.

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We should probably think in terms of a variety of rival sects some of which may have vanished without trace.  I shall discuss the extra­Qur'anic evidence and the chronological order of the revelations and then attempt a synthesis.  As for Sergius, the other heretical monk beloved of Christian polemicists, he seems to be entirely a figment of their imagination.  He knew how to write Hebrew letters and had transcribed part of the Gospel in Hebrew although he was now old and blind.  6 Unfortunately we have no reliable evidence concerning the type of Christianity which Waraqa himself espoused nor is there any way of telling how much Khadija and Muhammad learned from him about Christianity.

Matthew 13:13 and 24:32) (89) 6:84­90 Jesus mentioned in list of prophets. 6:106 Accusation that Muhammad has studied.  Matthew 23:24) 2:62 Reward for Christians. 2:87 Jesus given clear proofs and strengthened with Spirit.  God will judge according to works and not in accordance with Jewish and Christian exclusivism. 2:120 Tensions between Muhammad and the Jews and Christians who want him to follow their religion.  Change of Qibla.  If God had willed, those who followed him would not have fought among themselves.

Rabban al­Tabari, an eminent Christian physician who became a Muslim at the age of seventy.

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