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By John Trenchard, Thomas Gordon

TO JOHN MILNER, ESQ.; of serious RUSSEL-STREET BLOOMSBURY. (Gordon) Sir, As shy as i do know you to be of publick detect and eclat, allow me for as soon as draw, if no longer you, your identify at the least, from that recess that you price in share to the degree of felicity that you just derive from it, and for your contempt for the blaze and tumult of publick lifestyles: A style to which i've got the excitement of discovering my very own so fullyyt conformable. Quiet passions and a straightforward brain represent happiness; which is rarely discovered the place those aren't, and needs to stop to be, whilst those stop to aid it

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They think it usurpation in laymen to have church benefices in their gift. Hence their known abhorrence of impropriations; and we all know what they mean, when they find so much precipitancy and so many errors in the Reformation. It was a terrible blow to church dominion, and gave the laity some of their own lands again. Some will say, that these are only a number of hot-headed men amongst the clergy; and I say, that I mean no other: I only wish that the cool heads may be the majority. That there are many such, I know and congratulate; and I honour with all my heart the many bishops and doctors, who are satisfied with the condition of the clergy, and are friends to conscience and civil liberty; for both which some of them have contended with immortal success.

But though he was careful to preserve his estate, he was no ways anxious to increase it. He kept a genteel and a plentiful table, and was pleased to see it well filled: He had a great number of servants, and daily employed several tradesmen and many labourers. So that of his whole yearly income he saved little at the year’s end, not above two or three hundred pounds. This will appear strange to most people, who generally believed that he saved great sums: But I know what I say, and it is plain from the personal estate which he has left.

This would be to deal with us as with a nation of idiots, blind and insensible, who can neither see day-light, nor feel injuries, nor return insolent usage. No, no, we are not as yet to be hood-winked by such thin schemes: We can ask, if need were, a few plain questions, which would easily puzzle such feeble politicians; but at present we have no occasion. All this, however, shews how much we are apt to suspect foul play in this, and many other cases of the like nature; nor shall I now maliciously enquire, to what prevailing cause such distrust is to be ascribed.

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