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By Tom Moldvay

ISBN-10: 0935696512

ISBN-13: 9780935696516

Trapped within the mysterious fort Amber. you discover yourselves bring to an end from the realm you recognize. The fortress is fraught with peril. participants of the unusual Amber kin, a few insane, a few in simple terms lethal, lurk round each nook. someplace within the fort is the foremost for your break out, yet are you able to continue to exist lengthy adequate to discover it?

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After a vampire rose has completely drained a victim, the roses will be colored blood red instead of white. 1 (1) Fighter 10-14 9 (12) Nil Lawful Sun brothers are members of the Brotherhood of the Sun, mortal enemies of efreet. ye) Pronunciation Guide A French pronunciation guide is given here for DMs who would like to use the foreign pronunciations to add an air of mystery to the module. Each word is broken down into syllables of soundalike letter combinations. Vowels with a “-”over them are long vowels, while those with no markings are pronounced short.

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