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By Gerald G. May

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Even though secular psychology addressed very much approximately how we become the best way we're and the way we'd dwell extra successfully, it could actually provide not anything by way of why we exist or how we must always use our lives," writes Gerald could during this vintage dialogue of the character of up to date religious tips and its dating to counseling and psychiatry. For thousands turning for solutions to the area of the spirit, may well exhibits how psychiatry and non secular course are alike, how they supplement each other, and the way they eventually diverge.

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There is a natural, flowing way in which we use our hands when we are simply doing something that needs to be done. Even in definitive and dramatic action our hands can be this way, reflecting their inherent cooperation with, and integral connectedness to, the fullness of our bodies. This way comes naturally to us, and it can be capable of great strength as well as serene quietude. But at other times, when we become overly self-conscious and preoccupied, our hands turn into jerky, contrived things that grasp and claw, clench and shove, meddle and manipulate.

Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus is an example of a vision. Between these two extremes lies a host of sensory possibilities. Some may begin as intentional forms of meditation and take unexpected spontaneous turns. Others may consist of hearing an inner voice uttering some reassurance or challenge, or a subtle interior sense (“intuitive” in the popular usage) of direction. Still others may involve seeing light, feeling temperature changes, or perceiving some physical sensation such as tremorous shaking or profound relaxation.

Vivid experiences of calling or direction (voices, visions, or senses that say “Do this” or “Don’t do that”) need to be examined carefully for any sense of grandiosity and for their real directional value in daily life. Such visions or callings may at first seem radical and surprising, but if legitimate, they will be borne out by circumstances. ” More will be said of this in Chapter 5. The religiously oriented hallucinations, delusions, and preoccupations that occur so commonly in psychosis are usually quite obvious in their pathology.

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