Cardinal Bessarion : mystical theology and spiritual union by by Jacquilyne E. Martin. 2001 PDF

By by Jacquilyne E. Martin. 2001

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To combat Arian claims that Christ was a deified creature (not of the same essence as the Father and. therefore. YIlth Centuries (Oxford. 1955: reprint. 19631, 4-1 0: Nicol, Lasr Cenrwies, 242. See also John Meyendorff. The Bvzanrine Legacy in the Orthodox Church (Cresnvood. 1982). 18. who sees the Petrine theory regarding primacy firmly in place at Rome by the fifih century. 'See Runciman. Eastern Schisrn. r Chwch. 167-8. or in-depth study of the primacy question as it evolved between East and West see especially Francis Dvornik Byzantium and the Roman Primacy (New York.

Temtonal losses were viewed as temporary setbacks to be restored in God's good time: conquering barbarian chiefiains were designated as representatives of the Byzantine govemment or. in the case of the Franks. as spiritual brothers. ' The Roman Empire so declined that by the early tifteenth century two emperors had personally wandered the West seeking aid: hurniliating accommodations were made with the Turks whereby in 1372 the Emperor John V Palaeologos even became a vassal of the Sultan Murad I (1362-89).

D.. with the collaboration of John Meyendorff (Crestwood. 1994). r Chirrch. 127-36. '%ee Runciman. Easrern Schism. 67-77: Nicol. 93yzantium and Papacy," 1-20; idem. " 326-7; Papadakis. Christian East; Hussey. Orrhodox Church, 12736. "See D. M. " in The Religious Roles of the Papacy: Ideals and Realities, 1150-1300, ed. Christopher Ryan (Toronto, 1989), 32 1-3. " The conquest almost destroyed the Byzantine state; the empire restored by Michael VIII Palaeologus in 1269 was no more than one of several competing minor powers.

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Cardinal Bessarion : mystical theology and spiritual union between East and West by by Jacquilyne E. Martin. 2001

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