C. Blaine Cecil, James C. Cobb, Donald R. Chestnut Jr.,'s Carboniferous Geology of the Eastern United States PDF

By C. Blaine Cecil, James C. Cobb, Donald R. Chestnut Jr., Heinz Damberger, Kenneth J. Englund

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Published via the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Field journey Guidebooks Series.

This guidebook used to be ready for a box journey to be performed ahead of the graduation of the twenty eighth overseas Geological Congress, convened in Washington, DC, July 1989. the aim of this box journey is to check the geologic components that managed the deposition of Carboniferous rocks within the Illinois and Appalachian basins, with emphasis being put on basinal tectonic evolution, sedimentation, and paleoclimate. in the course of the journey, lithostratigraphic and biostratigraphic correlations among the Illinois and Appalachian basins should be under pressure on the way to supply continuity among the 2 components. as well as this, geochemical stipulations of sedimentation and peat formation might be illustrated and mentioned at the foundation of the stratigraphic and local distribution of chemical sediments, together with coal beds. the real Mississippian/Pennsylvanian (mid-Carboniferous) boundary, and the sedimentological, paleobotanical and paleoclimatic alterations linked to it, can also be emphasised.


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The field trip crosses a low on the arch called the Cumberland saddle. The rocks exposed here are largely Mississippian in age. Consequently this region is called the Mississippian Plateau. Lower Mississippian clastic rocks outcrop along the axis of the arch, whereas Upper Mississippian rocks surround the basins. Where the Upper Mississippian carbonate rocks outcrop, the topography is karstic, and features such as caves, sinkholes, uvalas, and terra rosas can be observed. Here we will visit a large cave system in Mammoth Cave National Park.

The swamp subfacies of the overbank facies is not well-represented in the Caseyville Formation. These deposits consist mainly of coals, and carbonaceous thinly-bedded shale with siltstone lenses. Another facies, not visible in the I-24 cuts, is in the 9 m (30 ft) thick covered interval between the lower and upper roadcuts. This is the interval that is equivalent to most of the Drury Member. Because it is so shaley and nonresistant, it forms a prominent bench separating the more resistant sandstone parts of the escarpment.

Johnson County (after Koeninger, 1978 and Koeninger and Mansfield, 1979). of the other facies. This subfacies has rocks that are coarser than other channel deposits; the rocks vary from gravelly, coarse-grained sandstone to medium-grained sandstone. Sedimentary structures observed in this subfacies include planar and trough crossbeds, major scour channels, and erosional truncations. The rocks in this subfacies fine upward, with siltstone/mudstone commonly draping each channel fill. Interdistributary Facies.

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