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This accomplished textual content and accompanying CD-ROM will give you the reader with an built-in evaluate of diagenesis and porosity evolution in carbonate petroleum reservoirs and historical carbonate rock sequences.
The preliminary chapters of this quantity offer an summary of the carbonate sedimentologic approach and the appliance of series stratigraphic innovations to carbonate rock sequences. the character of carbonate porosity and its keep an eye on via diagenesis is explored. Porosity type schemes are certain, in comparison, and their application tested. the character and features of diagenetic environments and instruments for his or her reputation within the historic list are specified.
The heart chapters of the publication encompass an intensive exam of the most important, surficial diagenetic environments, akin to general marine, evaporative marine and meteoric environments, emphasising porosity enhancing tactics illustrated via a number of case histories. There f

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B) Bypass, escarpment type. C ) Bypass, gulliedslope type. D ) Erosional rimmed shelf margin. Used with permission of Blackwell Science. 14 THE NATURE OF THE CARBONATE DEPOSITIONAL SYSTEM margins. Slope to basin facies tracts are broader than the shelf margin facies tract but are still relatively narrow. The upper slope may have megabreccia debris flows, algal mud mounds, thin-bedded wackestones and carbonate and/ or siliciclastic coarse to fine-grained turbidite packages. The lower slope is mud dominated with thin uniform bedding with carbonate or siliciclastic turbidite packages.

The smaller, atoll-like platforms are generally associated with oceanic volcanism. Isolated platforms are generally steep-sided rimmed platforms with reefing along windward margins of the larger platforms; or, in the case of the smaller platforms, they may be totally rimmed with reefs. Mature, well-developed isolated carbonate platforms are generally siliciclastic free. Their interior platform facies are generally low-energy mudstones and wackestones with possible patch reefs. Under arid conditions, the central lagoon, or platform interior may become hypersaline and develop evaporite deposition.

On westward prograding highstand sediments the other hand, normal sedimentation processes derived from the leeward margin of the Andros in conjunction with subsidence may lead to Bank leading to the coalescence of the two high-frequency cycles termed autocycles. isolated platforms into the composite Great Progradation of tidal flat shorelines may cover Bahama Platform (Fig. 12). the sediment source for tidal flat sedimentation, sedimentation ceases, subsidence causes High-frequencycyclicity on carbonate transgression, and the cycle is repeated (James, platforms: carbonate parasequences 1984).

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