Brahman: a study in the history of Indian philosophy - download pdf or read online

By Hervey DeWitt Griswold

Исследуется развитие понятия Брахмана в истории индийской философии. Анализируются тексты Вед, Упанишад и адвайта-веданта Шанкары. Сравниваются интерпретации понятия Брахмана в "Веданта-сутрах", адвайта-веданте Шанкары и вишиштадвайта-веданте Рамануджи.

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24 To as illustrate this it is conception of the underlying unity of things, set forth in the Rig- Veda, have selected I for special treat- ment the seven hymns which from this point of view seem to me most important. These are hymns 72, 81, 90, 121, 125, 129 and 1 Of these 90 of the tenth book. trical The aim translations. and meter of the The order The Hymn the following met- I offer simply to reproduce the thought I, is make no of course, after of Creation, X, I2g. there a sea, a deep abyss of waters ?

Not. Viraj, from Viraj too Purusha. As soon He that by food and what does lives From Purusha was born And Purusha was born, as reached beyond earth everywhere. With Purusha as off' ring when The gods prepared a sacrifice. Spring was the Summer 7. ; immortal in the heaven. spread himself o'er What 6. th' is this world. is all Three-fourths ascended up on high, The 5. ; ; One-fourth of him 4. be all-potent sacrifice. great as this Yet greater will deathless are sacrificial grease, the fire-wood. The gods as off' ring Autumn on the straw Sprinkled the first-born Purusha With him The the gods Rishis drink.

2 RV, II, 12, 5, Veda, S. 39. e. , we Indra-Varuna, Indra- according to which two 3, X, 119, etc. THE GROWTH OF THE MONISTIC CONCEPTION. gods are combined 23 the dual and then viewed as a unity. in Sometimes, too, the functions of more or less identical, 'all-gods,' which name ceived as overlapping and the name Vi^ve Devas, the gods are apparently con- all and so there is easily inter- is changeable with any abstract designation of the divine totality. All of this betrays the first crude beginnings of a systematizing and unifying another parallel but perfectly distinct tendency, This term deMueller has aptly called Hcnotheism.

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