Download e-book for iPad: Boundary Value Problems in Mechanics of Nonhomogeneous by S.N. Antontsev, A.V. Kazhiktov, V.N. Monakhov

By S.N. Antontsev, A.V. Kazhiktov, V.N. Monakhov

ISBN-10: 0080875432

ISBN-13: 9780080875439

ISBN-10: 0444883827

ISBN-13: 9780444883827

The target of this ebook is to record the result of investigations made via the authors into convinced hydrodynamical versions with nonlinear structures of partial differential equations.

The investigations contain the consequences pertaining to Navier-Stokes equations of viscous heat-conductive fuel, incompressible nonhomogeneous fluid and filtration of multi-phase mix in a porous medium. The correctness of the preliminary boundary-value difficulties and the qualitative houses of ideas also are thought of. The e-book is written in case you have an interest within the conception of nonlinear partial differential equations and their purposes in mechanics.

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