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By Jim Al-Khalili

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Do you know:
• What may perhaps ensue should you fall right into a black hole?
• That the Universe doesn't have an edge?
• That the explanation it will get darkish at evening is evidence of the large Bang?
• That cosmic debris time-travel throughout the surroundings defying death?
• That our earlier, current and destiny could all coexist "out there"?
With extraordinary rules, Albert Einstein revolutionized our view of the Universe. His first used to be that not anything can commute quicker than light-the final pace restrict. this easy truth ends up in the unavoidable end that house and time has to be associated jointly ceaselessly as Spacetime. along with his moment huge perception, Einstein confirmed how Spacetime is warped and stretched by means of the gravity of all items within the Universe or even punctured through black holes. yet such attainable twisting of Spacetime allowed a magic no longer even Einstein may have imagined: time-travel.
Theoretical physicist Jim Al-Khalili ultimately lays technological know-how fiction to leisure as he opens up Einstein's Universe. prime us lightly and light-heartedly during the dizzying global of our area and time, he even supplies us the recipe for a time laptop, in a position to taking us again to the longer term, to Alice's Wonderland, or on a visit with the Terminator.

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But I am afraid we would get the wrong answer for the amount of curvature we see if we use Newton’s approach. If we were to calculate, based on Newton’s argument that light has mass and is pulled down by gravity, the amount of bending we should see in the path of the light beam, we would arrive at an answer that is only half the one we actually measure with our sensitive equipment. Something therefore had to be wrong with Newton’s law of gravity, at least when it came to describing the effect of gravity on light.

In practice, we never see any deviation from Euclidean geometry because we live in a part of the Universe where space is so nearly flat we can never detect any curvature. This is analogous to trying to detect the curvature of the Earth by drawing a triangle on a football field. Of course, a football field is not completely smooth. Likewise, space contains regions of curvature here and there as we will see in the next chapter. What if a fourth dimension of space does exist beyond our three? What can we say about its properties?

B) A triangle drawn on the surface of a sphere has angles that add up to more than 180◦ . Drawn here is one made up of three 90◦ angles. 17 BLACK HOLES, WORMHOLES & TIME MACHINES admit that I remember it to the ten decimal places that a calculator shows, but that is only because I use it in my work so often, which is no different to remembering an important phone number. However, I have a mathematician friend who knows pi to 30 decimal places. Other than that he is quite normal. We are taught that pi is what is called a mathematical constant.

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