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By Konstantin Bogdanov

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Biology in Physics is an intensive new publication which bridges the space among biology and physics. the purpose is to advertise an interdisciplinary alternate of clinical details and ideas, as a way to stimulate cooperation in learn. The scope of this quantity explores either the suggestions and methods of biophysics and illustrates the most recent advances in our knowing of some of the particular mechanisms which are utilized by residing organisms. This quantity represents a unique attempt to assemble the knowledge that will permit a nonbiologically orientated physicist to understand the $64000 position that physics performs in existence sciences. Key positive aspects* An advent to biophysics for non-specialist* Covers the entire very important topices in sleek biophysics* Takes account of the most recent info rising from biophysical tasks* experiences on novel healing concepts* provides an advanced-level review of mechanisms that keep watch over a number of strategies in organisms starting from bacterial to whales

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1) yields the value 0 ~ 10 m/s, which is close to the average value of the velocity of propagation of pulse wave, measured experimentally. Anatomical studies show the quantity a/d to vary a little from one person to another and to be practically independent of the artery type. Therefore, in view of the constancy of a/d, the pulse wave velocity can be considered to change solely with changes in the elasticity of an artery wall, its Young's modulus. With age, as well as in the case of diseases accompanied by increased E of artery walls (hypertension, atherosclerosis), E may grow almost twofold compared to the norm.

Can it be the very case when the principle of equivalence is violated? Of course not. Let's consider the motion of charged bodies in magnetic field in detail. It is well known that a charge e moving at the velocity V in the magnetic field with magnetic flux density B, is acted upon by Lorentz' force e[VB] In other words, a charge moving in a magnetic field establishes an electric field with strength E = [VB]. However, if we consider the coordinate system moving together with the charge, the Lorentz' force will not act upon the charge, since in the new system it is at rest.

Interestingly, about two thousand years ago a legend was circulating in Japan, which said that the catfish was able to go underground, and by moving, cause earthquakes. However, it was not until the twentieth century that the behavior of animals before an earthquake attracted the attention of Japanese seismologists. Today, biological methods for predicting earthquakes are rapidly being developed. It is well known that the fish in an aquarium with a direct current running through it swim in the direction of the anode and suddenly stop short of it, paralyzed.

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