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By Gisela Gerdes

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This ebook offers with microbial mats, stromatolites and covered grains. fresh and old stromatolitic ecosystems are defined in peritidal environments, together with siliciclastic, carbonaceous and evaporite-dominated back-barrier platforms. quite a few appropriate different types have been distinct: - mat-forming microbiota - environmental stipulations controlling mat kinds and lithology - bioturbation and grazing. contemporary and old microbial mat structures express a latitudinal association which might be used for paleoclimatological and paleogeographical reconstructions. This ebook may be of distinct curiosity to sedimentologists, coastal engineers, ecologists, zoologists, salt plant engineers and marine scientists, in addition to to scholars attracted to those fields.

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6B). is A en- crucial d i f f e r e n c e from Microcoleus chthonoplastes is that the coccoid colonies do not form flat and b e d d i n g - p l a n e c o n c o r d a n t mats but reveal d i s c o n t i nuous, more sediment or less c o n c e n t r i c structures. surfaces The microtopography w h i c h are c o l o n i z e d by P l e u r o c a p s a l e a n of populations exhibits a p u s t u l a r structure. C a u l i f l o w e r - l i k e nodules are also common at sediment surfaces (Fig. 3). (3) The m o s t common s l i m e - e n s h e a t h e d u n i c e l l u l a r c y a n o b a c t e r i a w i t h b i n a r y fission are Gloeothece sp.

Community structures. t~8) dominate the mainly Sp~ullnu, face anoxybacteria, (mainly Synechocys- Unicellular cyanobacteria microbial communities. omatium, inter- are also present. This facies is the record of the gradual rise of the terrane towards the center and correlates also to the further increase of salinity. Close to the lagoonary rim, salinity ranges between 220 and 300 °/oo in winter and between 280 and 320 °/oo in summer. A maximum of 360 °/oo is maintained in bedouin boreholes which lie just beyond the central plateau.

3. Stromatolitic carbonates with ooids and oncoids This facies type is characterized and dark laminae (Fig. 10A). (Fi 9. i0) by regular interlayering of light Both lamina types differ in the vertical 39 40 extension: light The dark lamina is generally thin (i00 to 200 pm), while the lamina is up to ten times thicker. Various vertically to diago- nally oriented filaments thread through the light layer, demonstrating active movements of unsheathed hormogonia and trichomes of cyanobacteria. lOB). These Associated varying with the light layers are also carbonate diameters layers (Figs.

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