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By Office of the Home Secretary, National Academy of Sciences

ISBN-10: 0309089573

ISBN-13: 9780309089579

ISBN-10: 0309524199

ISBN-13: 9780309524193

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D. Lasley, and B. K. Lee. Functional and metabolic evidence of enhances myocardial tolerance to ischemia and reperfusion with adenosine. J. Thorac. Cardiovasc. Surg. 90:549-56. 1986 With R. C. Wesley, B. B. Lerman, J. P. DiMarco, and L. Belardinelli. Mechanism of atropine-resistant atrioventricular block during inferior myocardial infarction: possible role of adenosine. J. Am. Coll. Cardiol. 8:1232-34. 1988 With J. M. Gidday, H. E. Hill, and R. Rubio. Estimates of left ventricular interstitial fluid adenosine during catecholamine stimulation.

In Pioneering Economics: International Essays in Honour of Giovanni Demaria, Tullio Bagiotti and Giampeiero Franco, eds. Padova: Cedam. 1979 Consumer’s and producer’s surplus and general equilibrium. In Theory for Economic Efficiency: Essays in Honor of Abba P. Lerner, ed. H. I. , pp. 12-23. : The MIT Press. 34 BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS 1981 Consumer’s and producer’s surplus and income redistribution. J. Public Econ. )31-47. 1982 Welfare, Planning and Employment: Selected Essays in Economic Theory. : The MIT Press.

An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. , 1937. New York: Random House. Swedberg, R. 1991. Schumpeter: A Biography. : Princeton University Press. 32 BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY 1936 Real Income, expenditure, proportionality and Frisch’s new methods . . Rev. Econ. Stud. ):33-52. 1938 A reformation of certain aspects of welfare economics. Q. J. Econ. ):310-34. 1942 Prices, wages and income theory. ):275-89. 1944 The Structure of Soviet Wages: A Study in Socialist Economics.

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Biographical Memoirs: V.84 (Biographical Memoirs: A Series) by Office of the Home Secretary, National Academy of Sciences

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