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One must examine just a small component to the large literature on plate tectonics released within the final 15 years to gain that there are lots of modifications among a number of the reconstructions which have been awarded. It turns into noticeable that, even supposing there's a normal contract in regards to the presence of an meeting of continents (a Pangaea) within the early Mesozoic, there's massive confrontation between earth scientists as to the configurement of the meeting and the way and timing of the following dispersal. whereas the revolution in geophysics used to be occurring, systematic paintings in paleontology and neontology used to be being conducted. This booklet is an try and include the organic proof into the idea of plate tectonics. the writer strains the altering relationships one of the quite a few biogeographic areas and demonstrates how such adjustments may perhaps usually be correlated with the sluggish geographic alteration of the earth's floor. He analyses contemporary information regarding the distribution of frequent teams of terrestrial and freshwater vertebrates, invertebrates and vegetation, and discusses the biogeographical results of the flow of oceanic plates. it really is relatively very important to procure in charge information regarding definite serious occasions within the heritage of continental relationships. we have to be aware of while the terrestrial elements of the earth have been damaged aside and after they have been joined jointly. the current research makes it transparent that we can't rely solely on proof from plate tectonics nor will in basic terms organic proof suffice. This booklet hence offers a lot of curiosity to systematists engaged on modern teams of crops and animals, paleontologists, evolutionary biologists, and professors educating classes in biogeography.

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The order Condylarthra has been traced from one genus in the late Cretaceous Bug Creek fauna to 20 genera in the early Paleocene (Van Valen, 1978). The explosive early Paleocene interval may have generated the following five orders: Condylarthra, Cimolesta, Insectivora, Dermoptera, and Carnivora, in addition to the Arctocyonia, Primates, Leptictida, and Taeniodonta that had already appeared in the latest Cretaceous (Webb, 1985a). By the mid-Paleocene, three genera of mesonychids had appeared that represent the order Acreodi, which had been known from earlier deposits in Asia.

An analysis of the phylogenetic relationships of the Antillean secondary freshwater fishes has been published by Briggs (1984b). In the northern Antilles from Cuba to Puerto Rico the progressive decrease in the diversity of the secondary freshwater fish fauna is remarkable (Table 1). Cuba is the only island that possesses endemic genera (2), but there is one endemic Antillean poeciliid genus (Limiu) that is found on Hispaniola, Cuba, Jamaica, and Grand Cayman. Limiu is most speciose on Hispaniola (17 species); it probably originally developed there and then spread to the other islands.

The genus Novurnbra occurs in the Oligocene of North America and is represented by a living species in the State of Washington. The genus Dalliu occurs as a single living species in both Alaska and Siberia and Umbra has two living species in eastern North America and one in Europe. Thus the historical distribution of this family is not at all clear. It is probable that both the North Pacific and North Atlantic connections were involved. Among the more advanced freshwater fishes, the catfishes of the family Ictaluridae probably represent an early invasion of North America from Asia.

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