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By H. M. Bolli, J.-P. Beckmann, J. B. Saunders

ISBN-10: 0521415217

ISBN-13: 9780521415217

This e-book offers an incredible facts set for benthic foraminifera present in the vintage southern Caribbean zone. It assembles info on one thousand of crucial species for the time span Cretaceous to Miocene (120 to ten million years ahead of present). Age levels are positioned in the framework of these used for planktic foraminifera present in Plankton Stratigraphy (Bolli et al., CUP, 1985). The taxa were mentioned thus far generically, and in lots of instances new comparisons between species were made--the past due Cretaceous and Early Paleogene are really designated. this data, including unique illustrations, will let the taxa for use stratigraphically.

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