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By Lester W. Grau, David M. Glantz, National Defense University Press

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This number of vignettes used to be written by means of Soviet junior officials describing their reviews battling the Mujahideen guerillas. it's not a historical past of the Soviet-Afghan conflict, yet snapshots of strive against as obvious by way of younger platoon leaders, corporation commanders, battalion commanders and army advisers.

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The stroevoy smotr may have been part of the Soviet problem. THE BEAR WENT OVER THE MOUNTAIN 5 Searching a populated area in the Charikar Valley by LTC A. L M a k k o v e e v a Throughout the winter of 1980, Kabul and the surrounding provinces were quiet and there was no combat in this region. However, with the arrival of spring, organized guerrilla groups initiated an active campaign. I c o m m a n d e d the 7th Motorized Rifle Company 5 which was mounted on BMPs. O n the morning of 21 July, I was given the mission to conduct a road march from Kabul to Charikar and then reinforce one of the mountain rifle battalions which would conduct a deep raid and search.

In order to successfully accomplish their combat mission, subunits need to be expeditiously divided into search, support, and fire support groups and the main body. EDITOR'S C O M M E N T A R Y : The c o m m a n d e r fought the mujahideen rear guard and made no efforts to pin the main body of the guerrilla force in place, cut off its escape route and aggressively outmaneuver it. The commander did not use his reconnaissance, fought his way through in a by-the-numbers manner, and did nothing to accomplish the mission rapidly.

N. Tsarev, the commander of the air assault battalion 26 and my boss, received the following mission: "Prepare to move out in several days to conduct a block and sweep action to destroy the enemy in the valley near Anushella. The action will also involve the Brigade's 1st Motorized Rifle Battalion minus one of its companies (the 1st MRB was commanded by LTC A. G. " Training and rehearsals for this action began on 16 March and concentrated on combat in mountains, clearing and overcoming minefields and booby-traps, night combat, sealing off caves and killing their defenders, evacuation of wounded from the mountains, and the destruction of supply caches by explosives (this last training was done in conjunction with attached sappers-each company had an attached sapper squad for this action).

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