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By R. D. Sinelnikov and Ludmila Aksenova

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This is a very important concept that has stood the test of time and is generally found Simple diffusion As indicated, gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, normally diffuse readily across biological membranes, the rate depending on the concentration gradient. Special proteins, such as myoglobin, which possess a high affinity for oxygen are often important in enhancing the rate of movement of oxygen from the haemoglobin on which it is transported. 4 14 600 Narcotic effects were shown on tadpoles.

The (A-B) system is not coupled to energy conservation and represents a wasteful form of respiration. Furthermore, the rate of oxygen utilization is directly proportional to the oxygen tension. This fact suggests that the peroxisomes might be part of a protective mechanism against oxygen toxicity. In cells where the glycolate-glyoxylate system functions, the peroxisomes may also play a role in regulation of the balance between the + N A D / N A D H ratios in the cell. One major function of peroxisomes in the liver is the oxidation of fatty acids by a modified ^-oxidation pathway.

16). 16 The process of active transport Active transport is a very important process enabling cells to accumulate molecules or ions from the environment against the concentration gradient. Conversely, contents of cells heavily loaded with electrolytes or metabolic products can be excreted against the concentration gradient. This is very important in the kidney which is frequently involved in the excretion of ions and unwanted molecules into the urine. Many cells also maintain their correct ion balance by active transport.

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