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On one occasion, Attila rode into his chief village, and the Hun women came running up from all sides to catch a glimpse of him, even singing songs of welcome to him. When Attila had travelled a little farther down the road, Onegesius’ wife came from her hut with several of her handmaidens, offering food and drink to Attila. He accepted the gifts graciously, wanting to please his lieutenant’s wife. Here, the Hun women are allowed to appear in public and mix with the throng — not only with their own male relatives, but also with strangers and foreigners.

These buildings included an amphitheater, a AT THE COURT OF HONORIUS theater, circus, forum, and temples along with other amenities and structures such as aqueducts, sewers, latrines, and, of course, public bathhouses. Many towns also built defensive city walls and monumental arches, and gates to the city. Usually, these arches commemorated some mark of civic pride, the foundation of the town, or the exploits of the retired soldiers who lived there. The forum housed the town’s civic center and had administration and trade rooms as well as areas used for meeting rooms.

The city of Metz lay further up on the Moselle and was a strategic military and ecclesiastical center. Julius Caesar had described the city as one of the oldest and most important in Gaul, and it was not an easy city to capture. The siege of Metz began on April 7, 451. Gregory of Tours, a fifth-century religious leader, wrote of the Huns’ attack, “The Huns, issuing from Pannonia, reached the town of Metz on the vigil of the feast of Easter, devastating the whole country. ” One building was spared: the oratory of the deacon Stephen.

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