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Books, including What Happened in History (1942) and Social Evolution (1951). He also asserted archaeology’s broader intellectual aspirations, as in Archaeology as a Social Science (1947) and Society and Knowledge (1956). Childe died in 1957 at the age of 65. Through the scope and scale of his writings he moved archaeology away from the simple progressive evolution of Lubbock and the people-free typologies of Thomsen and Montelius, and provided an antidote to the racist agenda of the German archaeologist Kossina.

Interpretive archaeology: points for and against Will interpretive archaeology ever become the default setting of what archaeologists do? Possibly yes, though most will not realise it has happened because it will probably bear little relation to the current position. There is still a lot of hard work down by the riverside for the four apostles. When it was a critique of other approaches it evoked strong passions for and against. Now much of it has seeped into general practice, particularly the reflexive stance.

39 ARCHAEOLOGY: THE BASICS Box 9: Key concepts in Darwinian evolution Natural selection is the differential contribution of offspring to the next generation by individuals of different genetic types but belonging to the same population (Wilson 1975: 589). e. food shortage, predator activity) and can cause individuals of different genetic types to survive to different average ages, to reproduce at different rates, or both (Wilson 1975: 594). Archaeologists are well aware of such historical pitfalls.

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