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By Richard V. Heinzelman

ISBN-10: 0120405075

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9'J '95 "' b s t evidence suggests t h a t amphetamine- and apomorphine-induced s t e r e o t y p i e s a r e t h e r e s u l t of enhanced DA a c t i v i t y i n t h e neostriatum. Consistent with this view i s t h e e f f e c t of amphetamine i n rats with u n i l a t e r a l l e s i o n s of t h e n i g r o s t r i a t a l DA pathway ( s e e Chapter 1, p 19. The drug causes i p s i l a t e r a l turning i n t h e s e animals, presumably as a consequence of release o f DA i n t h e neostriatum from t h e i n t a c t DA neurons of the c o n t r a l a t e r a l (non-lesioned) side.

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A. Klygul and 0. V. -Fam. , 5, 18 (1971); Chem. Abstr. El 1407761 (1971). 15. G. N. Lakoza, Faxiikkol. Toksikol. (Moscow), 397 (1971); Chem. , 75, 139223s (1971). 16. C. Kaiser, D. H. Tedeschi, P. J. Fowler, A. M. Pavloff, B. 1. Laster and C. L. Zirkle, J. Med. 179 (1971). , 17. E. R. Atkinson, P. L. Fhrss, M. A. Tucker and F. J. , 1005 (1971). 18. H. Brunner, P. R. Hedwall, M. Meier and H. J. Bein, Ag. Actions, 2,, 69 (1971); Chem. , 76, 10334~(1972). 19. L. MaZtre, M. S t a e h e l h and H. J.

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