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12 For understanding how a mental landscape is built, it is more important to know if people believed in that reality. As for the question whether humans were sacrificed or not on Mount Lykaion, literary sources seem to show that the Greeks believed it; 13 and in that sense the sacrifices are real. Those sacrifices are used as a way of building a landscape, and thus as a way of building reality. Although the mountain may seem to be a place where the rules of human coexistence are broken, it is connected with human communities by many links.

From my point of view, it is a construction of perception made in a specific historical time and space. The entire society, with its conflicts and interactions, builds it. It is, expressed more simply, what we perceive when we look at it. C. several monuments were built at Mount Lykaion. It was a great physical transformation of space, a re-construction of the religious world following new political, economical, social and religious needs. However, they also rebuilt and changed the space and the image that people had of this space; not only the place but also the landscape.

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