Hanns J. Prem's Ancient Americas: A Brief History and Guide to Research PDF

By Hanns J. Prem

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Outlines the greatly lengthy and complicated cultural heritage of Mesoamerica, in addition to the Andean continuum. It combines an summary of pre-Columbian historic occasions and occasions with a attention of significant examine difficulties and efforts and areas the final flowering of indigenous complicated civizations inside their respective geographic and sociocultural frameworks.

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Modern authors (contrary to Colonial authors) are referred to in the text without their first names. Exceptions are made only when otherwise there could be confusion. Page 1 PART I DELINEATIONS Page 3 1 The Prehistoric Period Relatively late, possibly during the last Ice Age, people who came from eastern Asia stepped onto the American continent. C. northern Asia and Alaska were connected by a broad, ice-free land bridge, because the sea level was substantially lower than it is today. , possibly even much earlier.

In them several thousand people could stay at the same time; the length of stone benches along the walls of these halls measures more than one thousand meters. Users of these halls and benches had themselves and their social functions depicted in numerous stone reliefs: warriors galore, stiffly arranged in processions. The ever-present theme of war repeats in a telling metaphor, when eagles and jaguars form processions like the warriors and swallow bloody human hearts, or when symbols like bones and skulls are repeated.

The walls and also the floors of interior rooms and courtyards were faced with a hard stucco layer, carefully burnished. In courtyards stone monuments were erected with inscriptions, extolling the martial deeds of rulers, their ritual and civil activities, and their genealogical origins. Page 14 Murals also served the same purpose. On the outskirts of ceremonial centers and in hamlets all over the countryside were the living quarters of the common people, made of wood, daub, and wattle with palm-thatched roofs, always standing on small platforms grouped around a courtyard.

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