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By M.P. Wiedeman (Auth.)

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One capillary may serve several alveoli. The covering of capillaries is so dense that the spaces between capillaries are often smaller than the capillary diameter. The observation of multinumbered vessels with so little space in between resulted in the concept of the interalveolar microvascular sheet (Fung and Sobin, 1969; Sobin etal, 1970). Postcapillary venules originate adjacent to the alveoli within the interalveolar septa. They are short, stubby vessels, slightly larger in diameter than the capil­ laries.

The posterior saccular artery, which supplies blood to the posterior half of the pouch, has branches directly from the external carotid artery (Fig. 33). The superior saccular artery serves the anterior dorsal quarter of the pouch wall. The inferior saccular artery branches to supply small arteries to the ventromedial surface of the pouch, and the middle saccular artery goes to the medial surface, dividing into small arteries that run parallel to muscle fibers (Hoffman et al. 1968). Examination of the everted pouch stretched across a mount gives the impression of a rather random distribution of long, straight arterial vessels and parallel large veins that have numerous branches and form many arcades or interconnections.

17). 3. 40 Microvasculature of Specific Organs and Tissues ARTERY /SINGLE LINES REPRESENT CONTINUOUS ^ARTERY-VEIN PAIRS. VESSEL DIAMETERS ARE GIVEN IN MICRA AS DIAMETER OF VEIN / DIAMETER OF ARTERY. 24/12 - 50/25 12/10 ' 420pm 400pm 560pm 320pm 28/24 ARTERY VEIN 35/20 28/20 30/25 20/15 28/24 ι 68/25 35/20' 1 25/20 30/25 1 40/35 20/15 64/40 ι 56/40 20/15 40/16 I80pir 220pm I60pnr 160pm ARTERY VEIN VEIN ARTERY 36/20 Fig. 3 . 1 6 . Schematic representation of a typical sector of cat mesentery. ) II.

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