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Universalism runs like a narrow thread during the heritage of Christian theology. Over the centuries Christian universalism, in a single shape or one other, has been reinvented time and time back. during this publication a global workforce of students discover the varied universalisms of Christian thinkers from the Origen to Moltmann. within the creation Gregory MacDonald argues that theologies of common salvation occupy an area among heresy and dogma. The reports during this assortment objective, within the first example, to listen to, comprehend, and clarify the eschatological claims of a number of Christians from the 3rd to the twenty-first centuries. additionally they provide a few optimistic, severe engagement with these claims

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37 But all that is to speak of what is not in this book. What we offer are seventeen case studies on universalist thinkers. Most were overt, convinced universalists, others were hopeful universalists, while a couple explicitly denied being universalists (P. T. Forsyth and Karl Barth). We have included the latter because, arguably, the logic of their theology led clearly in universalist directions and one might be justified in wondering whether their denial of universalism was a failure to follow the logic of their own theology to its conclusion (and chapters 11 and 13 in this book argue that this was indeed so for both these particular theologians).

According to Daley, Origen “demythologizes” eschatological thought in a pastoral direction. This is in order that Christians realize that there is a continuity between the present life and the future: humans thus grow towards union with God (Daley, The Hope of the Early Church, 48). 65. HomJosh. 2. 66. In this way, Origen may prepare the way for Gregory of Nyssa (Daniélou, Origen, 213). ). 67. De Princ. 3. ”72 In this, the Spirit provides for the sanctification of the Christian, enabling the Christian to grow in the present towards God.

How should they be handled? 1. Try to show how they are compatible with universalism? This is the classical approach of Christian universalists, although it has been done in various ways. For instance: (a) The hell texts are argued to be consistent with a temporary fire from which all will eventually exit. This is the mainstream historic view. But even here some would see the fire as purgative suffering, while others would see it as more “educative” suffering that has no salvific power in itself, but instead exposes the reality of sin and leads people towards divine grace.

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