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By Kiśora Śāntābāī Kāḷe

ISBN-10: 0140298266

ISBN-13: 9780140298260

Autobiography of twentieth century Marathi writer.

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That YOll were born into this family? That whore who gave you birth is sitting peen y with her gigolo and has left you to suffer here. Why have you abandoned this child, you'll suffer in you r old age for this sin,' she cursed Bai, Aji also hugged me and said, 'Won't yo u talk to me, Kishya? I am sorry, I was wrong, it was my own son who stole the money, you should have been born into a better fami ly tha n OUIS, Kishya,' Aji took me home, 76 Chapter Six O ne summer the whole family was together at )Jerla , Even Baby and Rambha maushi we re taking a break from their jalsa party, Susheela maushi and Ramesh kaka were planning to buy some farm land, Ramcsh kaka had left a big bundle of money at Nc rl a before going off on a hol iday with Sushecla maushi and their fo ur-year-o ld son, Balu.

1 wished I had w ings and cou ld fly to Soncperh and sec Bai. tO AGA I NST ALL ODDS The same evening, aj oba discovered t hat twenty rupees had been sto len fr om his shirt pocket. H e looked through my schoolbag and found new books, a new slate, notebooks and a one-rupee co in. Without saying a word, o r waiting to liste n to m y expla nation, he started beati ng me, accllsing me of having sto len his money to buy the books. Everybody gathered roun d and watched silen tly while he sla pped and k icked me and 1 screamed and cried.

Your aji calls h er a barren woman and God knows what o th er insulting names. She lives and w orks for her family a nd what does she get? NO[ even proper food to eat! And all this only because she is old and canno t be of any use to them moneta rily. If only he r husband was still alive ... And it is the same for your Sushecla maushi. Your mother is much better off than these women, at least she is away from this hell. ' I demanded. 'Grow up a litde, Kishya a nd I'll rake you to her,' said kaka.

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