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27 28 34 45 47 47 1 Introduction A wide diversity of immobilized multienzyme systems are now available if the widest interpretation of this concept is applied. The ingenuity of the research worker is boundless in the manner in which such enzymes may be presented. For example the following possibilities are available for cellular based systems: (i) The whole cell either in the form of a microbial film or in the less restricted flocculated form where the cell is still capable of respiration and cell reproduction.

The kinetic behaviour of this system is affected by diffusion through the unstirred layer at the membrane-solution interface and the assumption is made that a quasi-stationary state is established at this interface. Thus the rate of flow of product formed by the first enzyme into the bulk of the solution equals the difference between the~rate of its production and the rate of its consumption by the second enzyme. The possible effects of localised pH gradients and changes in dielectric constant were neglected and the two enzyme activities were assumed to be independent.

Reduction of the k2/k I ratio also favours PI production, with a lag period in P2 production being observed if kl > k2. In each case a maximum in P1 production is observed, which was not revealed by the Goldman and Katchalski treatment due to the assumption that S remained constant. The treatment was extended to a packed bed two enzyme reactor by replacement of reaction time by a residence time in the packed bed giving analogous concentration profiles along the height of the bed. First order reactions are characterized in this context by the independence o f the "effectiveness factor" from substrate or product concentration in the bulk of solution.

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