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By Dana R. Fisher

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Activism, Inc. introduces the USA to an more and more primary political actor: the canvasser. She’s the twenty-something with the clipboard, preventing you in the street or knocking in your door, the foot soldier of political campaigns.Granted extraordinary entry to the “People’s Project,” an unknown but influential association using left-leaning grassroots politics, Dana Fisher tells the real tale of outsourcing politics in the United States. just like the significant businesses that outsourced their customer support to businesses overseas, the grassroots campaigns of nationwide revolutionary movements—including Greenpeace, the Sierra membership, store the youngsters, and the Human Rights Campaign—have been outsourced at diversified instances to this unmarried association. throughout the 2004 presidential crusade, the Democratic celebration the same outsourcing version for his or her canvassing.Fisher examines the background and intent at the back of political outsourcing at the Left, weaving jointly frank interviews with canvassers, high-ranking political officers around the political spectrum, and People’s undertaking administration. She compares all of this to the grassroots efforts at the correct, which stay firmly grounded in groups and native politics.This e-book deals a chilling evaluation of the results of political outsourcing. Connecting area people at the streets all through the United States to the nationwide corporations and political campaigns that make up revolutionary politics, it indicates what occurs to the passionate younger activists outsourced to the consumers of Activism, Inc.

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Or the two lobbyists for [the state branch of the organization] and it was at their discretion and their direction that people were able to take political action. Top-down directives such as the one that Doug reported were very common and are a central component of the scripted and institutionalized setting of the canvass office. Running the Office in a Standardized Way Beyond the training process for new canvassers, canvass offices are run according to a clearly specified model. This experience is managed by the national office of the People’s Project to maintain consistency and control over the grassroots campaigns.

Politics than I used to. So, I don’t necessarily . . support [lobbying], as far as getting things accomplished. [But] canvassing is a really good way to do that regardless of what your belief is . . I basically identify as an anarchist so . . electoral politics and . . the representative government that we don’t really have, I don’t really see much validity in that. In 2004, Erin reported being involved in a number of different social movement organizations, many of which employed direct action tactics, such as civil disobedience, to achieve their goals.

Canvassers and canvass directors alike reported the directors working about eighty hours a week during the summer canvass, and sixty to sixty-five hours a week during the rest of the year,11 for which they received very little financial compensation. Lori, who had directed a canvass office in California for nine months, explained the perspective of many of her fellow directors: “For those of us who [were] more disenchanted, I’d say we definitely . . ” Canvass directors even reported having to work seven days a week at times to support weekend canvasses, camping canvasses, and canvasses at concerts, festivals, and other special events.

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