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By Nove Vailaau

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Do you expect the God you have experienced in your personal life will ever command the people of another nation to kill the people of your nation (including you and your family) because of your nation's sins? Does this apply to other nations as well? 2. Think of the Christian doctrine of salvation by grace through the blood of Jesus, as you have understood it. Do you believe Christians might ever earn salvation by participating in a war God might command? Page 57 Chapter 6 But What about Nuclear War?

At the opposite end of the political spectrum, the crusading spirit is evident among some Christians in Latin America. They believe God commands the Marxist-inspired revolution there. Ernesto Cardenal, a priest, became Minister of Culture for the Sandinista government of Nicaragua after the defeat of Somoza, the right-wing dictator. Cardenal has written the following dialogue about Jesus chasing the money changers out of the temple: Felipe: He taught above all with his example, chasing out the businessmen and bankers, teaching us that it is necessary to be done with the exploitation of man by man.

The barbarians were invading! Across the borders of the empire everything was rotten. Uncivilized tribes roamed the country. There were no decent laws. People were dirty and lived like animals. Even worse, they were heathen! By now quite a few Romans were Christian, of course. Even Romans who were still pagan were no longer persecuting Christians. While pagan Romans were immoral, they at least were nice. Eventually the barbarians had invaded as far as the gates of Hippo, a city in Africa on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

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