New PDF release: A history of Korean literature

By Peter H. Lee

ISBN-10: 0521828589

ISBN-13: 9780521828581

This finished narrative historical past of Korean literature offers crucial details for students and scholars in addition to others. Combining heritage and feedback, the learn displays the newest scholarship and contains an account of the advance of all genres. In 25 chapters, it covers twentieth-century poetry, fiction through girls, and the literature of North Korea. it will likely be an incredible contribution to the sector and a learn that might stay for a few years the first source for learning Korean literature.

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Tang monk and author of Shijia shipu Daoxuan (Life of the Buddha). Glossary xxxi (Vajrachedik¯a praj˜na¯ p¯aramit¯a s¯utra). Sutra setting Diamond Scripture forth the doctrines of emptiness (´sunyat¯a) and intuitive wisdom (praj˜na¯ ). There are 6 Chinese translations. Doctrine of the Mean (Zhongyong ). A metaphysical chapter in the Record of Rites included by Zhu Xi in his Four Books (along with Analects, Mencius, and Great Learning). (710–70). China’s great poet – widely read, studied, and transDu Fu lated in traditional Korea.

Song of a widow). Anonymous kasa in Korean about a “Kwabu ka” 14-year-old girl who loses her husband 15 days after marriage and spends her life in loneliness and sorrow. Kwak Y˘o (1058–1130). Kory˘o writer who befriended Yejong when he was heir apparent; after he became king, Yejong often visited Kwak so they could enjoy poetry together. (d. 660). Silla warrior killed in battle against Paekche in Kwanch’ang 660. xlvi Glossary (Song of the lantern festival). Anonymous calendri“Kwand˘ung ka” cal kasa, one of the Twelve Kasa, probably composed before 1728.

1737–1805). Practical Learning scholar and author of Pak Chiw˘on satirical stories in Chinese on the hypocrisy of the scholar class. The most important character in the puppet play of Pak Ch’˘omji the same name. For more see Kkoktu kaksi. (1901–81). Poet and writer of historical fiction on Pak Chonghwa the sixteenth-century Japanese invasion of Korea (1955) and Great King Sejong (1977). (1904–88). Socially committed woman writer of fiction. ). North Korean writer of fiction. (1561–1643). Soldier and poet who wrote 68 sijo and 7 kasa.

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