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By A.R. Dunbar

The ebook in short tackles the heritage of the traditional country of Bunyoro-Kitara from which all conceptions of kingship in Uganda originated. The booklet has been written in the course of the time in which I have been the King ruling in the succession of my ancestors. Kitara was once a nation of titanic measurement stretching from Tanganyika to Lake Rudolf and from Lake Naivasha to the Ituri woodland within the Congo. via detrimental and unjustifiable conditions the country was once decreased via the British to its current volume. half was once made into a separate nation, Toro, half used to be given to the former Belgian Congo and half used to be entrusted to Buganda—hence our misplaced Counties. In spite of being small the dominion nonetheless keeps its cultural delight and traditions and at the comparable time cherishes its unquenchable spirit of regaining its misplaced Counties.

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He also thinks that the word Bachwezi is derived from the Bantu plural of the Amharic word Tschewa or Chewa, a soldier. He suggests that the word Kitara is derived from the Bantu prefix Ki- and the Meroitic word Tar which means a king, hence kingdom. 18 The derivation of words must be taken with caution. For instance the word Chwa in Ateso, Akarimojong and Lwoo means a tamarind tree. 19 Bachwezi: The Reign of the Demi-Gods 23 24 History of Bunyoro-Kitara Until archaeological evidence is obtained it is not possible to say who the Bachwezi were or from whence they came.

The association of the clans with the territorial and palace administration contributed to stable and orderly government in the kingdom. 30 They were invested by the Mukama for distinguished services rendered to the kingdom. Their offices were hereditary if the Mukama wished. At the palace the Mukama had a number of courts and councils through which he administered his kingdom. Orukurato Orukuru rw'Ihanga, parliament, was an assembly of all the senior chiefs and officials from all over the kingdom who met three or four times a year, according to necessity and at the discretion of the Mukama.

Nyatworo had a lover, either an unknown man or Kyomya, whom she met under a Bito tree, and later gave birth to twins. The twins then accompanied their mother to Bunyoro. 18 Crazzolara draws a number of conclusions from this tradition in order to strengthen his argument that the Bachwezi and the Babito were one people. He is puzzled by the complete disappearance of the Bachwezi ruling dynasty. Naturally he is puzzled because he confuses them with the Lwoo and the Babito. He concludes that the Babito occupied Bunyoro and to confirm their status made use of Kyomya's marriage to a Lwoo girl.

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