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By Robert J. Buck

Robert Buck's heritage examines the archaeological list, takes a clean examine what the ancients stated in regards to the Boeotians and on the references of classicists of newer occasions, retells the legends, and reconstructs the background of the zone from the heroic Bronze Age to the Pelopponesian warfare.

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5. 195, as does Fossey, Topography, 446-48. 50. Philippson 1. 476, calls it Euaimon with a question mark added. Euaimon in Steph. Byz. is called a city of the Orchomenians, but whether of the Arcadians or Boeotians is not stated. This is the only citation and little enough for the purpose of naming the site. Older authorities called it Aspledon; Frazer, Paus. 5. 195; Bulle, Orchomenos I, 118. 51. Plut. Pelop. 16; de def. orac. 5. 8; Steph. v. Teyvpa 52. Bulle, Orchomenos I, 116, 121-24; Atlas, 115, no.

Philippson 1. 506, note 1, 742, no. ; Philios, Eph Arch, 1899, 57-61. 104. For the excavations at Davlosis, Lauffer, AM 63-64 (1938-39) 177-85. , no. 742, no. 170(Kalimbaki), 171 (Davlosis). 105. For variants see Frazer, Pans. 99. 106. Wallace, 204-6, for bibliography, to which add Roesch, 64; Garlan, BCH 98 (1974) 95-112; Andreomenou, AAA 1 (1974) 325-35; Fossey, Topography, 323-33, for an excellent description. 107. //. 221; Hope Simpson and Lazenby, 25. 108. 313f. 109. 742, no. 180, notes a Graeco-Roman settlement.

236-39) saw walls and a cistern, which have now disappeared. The sherds include those of Mycenaean, Classical and Hellenistic dates. The site extends to the fields west of and below the ridge, where deep ploughing has brought to the surface building blocks and more sherds. 237-39) saw ancient blocks, wall foundations and a Doric column and capital, none of which is visible today. 145 Third, a fairly large site lies on top of and at the foot of a hill (nowadays called "Katsoula" by the locals) near a ruined branch of the monastery of Osios Meletios, close to the ruined church of Aghios Athanasios and about one kilometre west of the village of Darimari (officially Daphni).

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