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By Richard A. Lanham

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The 1st variation of this regularly occurring paintings has been reprinted many instances over twenty years. With a different mixture of alphabetical and descriptive lists, it presents in a single handy, available quantity the entire rhetorical phrases - as a rule Greek and Latin - that scholars of Western literature and rhetoric tend to encounter of their examining or to discover precious of their writing. Now the second one version bargains new gains that might make it nonetheless extra useful:A thoroughly revised alphabetical directory that defines approximately 1,000 phrases utilized by students of formal rhetoric from classical Greece to the current day.A revised method of cross-references among terms.Many new examples and new, prolonged entries for critical terms.A revised Terms-by-Type directory to establish unknown terms.A new typographical layout for simpler entry.

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The irreducible common form of the various types of Syllogism, either universal or particular. Casus pro casu (CA su; L. "one case for another") — Antiptosis. Catachresis (ca ta CHRE sis; G. "misuse, misapplication") — Abuse; Abusio. 1. " 2. A second definition seems slightly different but perhaps is not: an extravagant, unexpected, farfetched metaphor, as when a weeping woman's eyes become Niagara Falls. Pope gives these examples in the Peri Bathous: Mow the Beard, Shave the Grass, Pin the Plank, Nail my sleeve.

1. Kind of Hyperbaton: unusual arrangement of words or clauses within a sentence, often for metrical convenience or poetic effect: Yet I'll not shed her blood, Nor scar that whiter skin of hers than snow. " 2. Anadiplosis. See also Hysteron proteron. Anatomy (G. "cutting up, dissection"). The analysis of an issue into its constituent parts, for ease of discussion or clarity of exegesis. The term is not a traditional one, but it has been increasingly used as a generic term for a technique that includes a number of the traditional dividing and particularizing figures.

An appeal to reverence for authority, to accepted traditional values. See also Fallacy. 21 1 I ALPHABETICAL LIST OF TERMS Argumentum ex concessis (con CES sis; L. "[points] granted, conceded"). Reasoning that the conclusion of an argument is sound, on the basis of the truth of the premises of one's opponent. He may have exaggerated the soundness of his premise for his purposes; you use the exaggeration for yours. See also Fallacy. Arrangement — Dispositio; Taxis. The second of the five traditional parts of rhetoric, that having to do with the ordering of arguments.

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