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Christians occasionally stumble upon objections in regards to the Bible they do not know the best way to resolution, and so they have no idea the place to seem or whom they need to ask. Believers may also get pressured approximately doctrine, no longer having the data or heritage to acknowledge unbiblical instructing. Bible pupil Ron Rhodes addresses many questions surrounding Christianity on themes such as...

  • atheistic objections to Christianity
  • evolution vs. creationism
  • alleged contradictions or common accusations in regards to the Bible
  • answering the claims of cults approximately biblical doctrine
  • relativism vs. absolute fact
  • ethical concerns resembling abortion and divorce This publication of brief, one-page solutions on 365 of the main commonly asked questions can tremendously elevate readers' point of discernment in serious components in exactly mins an afternoon. Busy humans can strengthen their figuring out of the Bible at their very own velocity by means of shopping issues of curiosity or by way of analyzing a subject an afternoon.
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    The word translated delivered in this verse is what Greek grammarians call an aorist passive participle, indicating an act that was completed in the past with no continuing element. It leaves no room for a new faith or body of truth communicated through psychics or channelers or cultists! How can you and I contend for Christian truth? The word translated contend (Greek: agonia) was often used in New Testament times to refer to competition in athletic contests. The English word agony comes from the noun form.

    Pearl of Wisdom: As “athletes” for God, let’s train and become equipped in God’s Word (2 Timothy 3:17), always being ready with an answer (1 Peter 3:15; see also Acts 17:2,17; 18:4,19). Day 11 Non-Rock-a-Boatus Many Christians today seem to be secret-agent Christians who are afraid of blowing their cover before an unregenerate world. Such Christians apparently have a hideous disease called non-rock-a-boatus. This disease has so effectively neutralized Christians that the cancer of false religion has spread at an incredible, unprecedented pace in this country.

    Day 100: The Apocrypha Day 101: Papyri and New Testament Studies Day 102: The Dead Sea Scrolls Day 103: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Biblical Manuscript Transmission Day 104: New Testament Variants Day 105: Has the Bible Been Corrupted? Day 106: The Preservation of Biblical Manuscripts Day 107: Extrabiblical Christian Sources and the Bible Books Day 108: Secular Extrabiblical Sources and the Bible Day 109: The Gospels’ Apparent Contradictions Day 110: The Gospels Are Selective Day 111: Nature and the Bible Day 112: Archaeology and the Bible Day 113: Archaeology and the Old Testament Day 114: Archaeology and the New Testament Day 115: Formal Equivalence Day 116: Dynamic Equivalence Day 117: Gender-Inclusive Language Day 118: Principles of Bible Interpretation Day 119: A Literal Interpretation of the Bible Day 120: Esoteric Interpretation Day 121: The Wisdom Sayings and Bible Promises Day 122: Conditional and Unconditional Promises Day 123: Promises to the Israelites—and to Us?

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