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By スリーエーネットワーク

ISBN-10: 4883191605

ISBN-13: 9784883191604

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2, p. 124 / 2:96. 1, p. 120 / 2:90. 1, p. 151 / 2:155. 60 Ibid. 29: “What we find in the Philosopher (= Aristotle) concerning the immortality of the soul does not clearly explain whether or not it is possible. Indeed, what he said (in De Anima and in the Metaphysics) is that it is proper that this matter be investigated, but we do not find that he ever did so” (p. 416 / 3:408). 3 (1070a24). On the former, see Averroes’s Middle Commentary on Aristotle’s De Anima in the Translation of Moses Ibn Tibbon, ed.

17) that there is providence over the species in the sublunar world. 71, namely, that the Kalam, unlike Aristotelian philosophy, does not proceed from postulates that “conform with what exists,”72 but constructs a physical theory to correspond to the beliefs it wishes to demonstrate. 73 69 This chapter is the foundation of Gersonides’ treatment of providence, which can be seen as a sort of rethinking of Maimonides’ position in the context of his own worldview. 1, p. 152 / 2:156. 71 Wars, Introduction, p.

93 See below for the proof of the argument that only these three are possible. 94 Wars, p. 447 / 3:478. 32 the opinions that produce the aporias whether providence in the sublunar world extends to particulars as well. Epicurus’ argument, despite being a logically possible answer to the question of providence, is not relevant in this context. ” As I have already noted, this group accepts the principle of Aristotelian philosophy; consequently their opinion can be part of Gersonides’ logical classification.

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みんなの日本語初級1 教え方の手引き Japanese for Everyone Japanese by スリーエーネットワーク

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